The Consolidated Balance Sheet showed the Company recorded Operating Income of Rp 11,098 billion in 2009, that sharply increased to Rp 14,013 billion in 2010. This reflected a significant increase of 26.27%. This achievement was accomplished, among others, from Insurance Underwriting Income, that increased from Rp 8211 billion (2009) to Rp 10.649 billion (2010), an increase of 26.69%. Optimal performance could be seen at all levels of the Company's management. They recorded an increased Net Operating Profit from Rp 767 billion in 2009, to Rp 1,340 billion in 2010. It is indeed a sizable increase of 74.71%. Consequently, this provides the Company a Net Income of Rp 700 billion in 2009, that climbed up to Rp 1,278 billion or a sharp increase of 82.57%.